Project Title:             Luminescence Thermal Imaging System for Harsh Environments (LuTIS-HE)

Project Code:            PN-III-P2-2.1-PED-2019-2817

Contract Nr. :            297PED/2020

Project Funded by:  UEFISCDI, Ministry of Education and Research, Romania 

Period:                       2020 - 2022 (24 months)

Project Leader:        Carmen TISEANU

Contract Value:        600.000 RON

Project Summary 

The project scope is to develop a Luminescence Thermometry Imaging System for Harsh Environment (LuTIS- HE) based on the photoluminescence of lanthanide ions (Ln) doped Y2O3 phosphors. The nano/microparticulate powders are used as coatings on targeted surfaces. The proposed system is optimized for the 80 - 877 K temperature range based on non-contact self-referenced luminescence intensity ratio (LIR) and lifetime thermometry methodology. A special focus is placed on the energy applications in harsh environments such as media with ionizing radiation and high magnetic fields. The system is tested in media with ionizing radiation (X-ray, with energy up to 320 keV), so that it can used for monitoring the high -temperature components of nuclear reactors. The project delivers the system at TRL4 (technology validated in lab) starting from the existing TRL 2 (technology concept formulated). The targeted key features of LuTIS-HE are:
(1) Performance versatility (easy translation from visible (400-800 nm) to near-infrared (NIR 800-1700 nm) in luminescence detection or switching from luminescence intensity ratio (LIR) to lifetime temperature reading methodology);
(2) Mobility (the final system will be integrated on a platform 2x1x1 m dimensions with easy assembly- disassembly);
(3) Modularity (adding different add-on modules such as microscope objective or fiber optic extension can extend the functionality and performance of the system);
(4) High speed acquisition (greater than 10 frame per second, fps);
(5) High thermometers performance (Relative thermal sensitivity of >1.5%; temperature accuracy of 99%);
(6) User intuitive friendly;
(7) Application adaptability. The system can be easy translated to bioimaging by using functionalized lanthanide doped nanoparticles, microelectronics inspection; monitoring catalytic reactions and nuclear fusion technology, to monitor the online temperature of the superconducting tapes.

Project Team:

Project Annual Reports:

Stage 2020: "Selection of best Ln- Y2O3 phosphors for luminescence thermometry in the 80 - 877 K temperature range."

Contract Value: 225.000,00 RON

Stage 2021: "Design and construction of the luminescence temperature imaging system (LuTIS)"

Contract Value: 280.000,00 RON

Project Publications and Papers Published in ISI 

1. D. Avram, I. Porosnicu, A. Patrascu, C. Tiseanu "Real-time thermal imaging based on the simultaneous rise and decay luminescence lifetime thermometry" Adv. Phot. Res., (2021), 2100208.

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