1. Steady-state excitation and emission spectrofluorometer
Fluoromax4P (HORIBA Jobin Yvon)

2. Nitrogen laser, cw diode lasers: 808, 980 and 1530 nm

3.Tunable laser (210 - 2300 nm)

4. Spectrograph  for the time-resolved luminescence spectroscopy
Sharmrock 303i and 505i  (ANDOR Technology)

5. Image intensified CCD for time-resolved luminescence
(ANDOR Technology)

6. Photoluminescence lifetime acquisition system
 Vis and NIR PMT modules
(Hamamatsu and Picoquant)

7. NIR time-gated camera (New Imaging Technologies (NIT))

Small chemistry laboratory
Deconvolution software for the time-resolved luminescence data

Sources of financing: Projects CEEX 06-D11-31/2006-2008 and
IDEI 309/2011-2014
IDEI 64/2017-2019

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